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What motorcycle insurance covers

From bodily injury and property damage coverage, to theft and emergency expenses, our motorcycle insurance offers more options, so you'll only need to add additional coverage if you need it. What do we cover?

Bodily injury to another person or property damage for which you are legally responsible while riding your motorcycle.

Bodily injury to yourself due to an accident with an uninsured driver.

Damage to your motorcycle caused by an accident.

Theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses, even when your motorcycle is stored for the winter.

Motorcycle sidecars.

Roadside emergency expenses

Damage to protective equipment.

Trip interruption expenses.

Using our motorcycle insurance rating tool can be a good idea. Every year, we use our extensive claims data to implement ratings for specific makes and models of motorcycles. With this tool, you can see how a specific make, model, and type of motorcycle will affect costs (for most models from 2013-2020). Contact a State Farm agent for a motorcycle insurance quote.

Types of insured motorcycles

motorcycle insurance for various types of bikes, including policies for recreational vehicles for multiple sports and recreational activities like ATVs.

Should I cancel my insurance policy in the winter?

Our motorcycle rating plan takes into account the seasonality of motorcycles, so canceling your policy during the winter doesn’t offer many benefits. Plus, even if you don’t ride your motorcycle year-round, you may still need insurance to protect it while it’s stored.

Can you get motorcycle insurance without a license?

All drivers must have a valid and current driver’s license to operate the type of vehicle they want to drive.

Does my motorcycle insurance cover custom parts and equipment?

Custom parts and equipment, like a motorcycle sidecar or protective gear, can be covered if included in your insurance policy. Your State Farm agent can help you document your custom parts and equipment so you know they’ll be covered in case of theft or accident.

How much will motorcycle insurance cost?

The cost of your motorcycle insurance premium will depend on many factors. Where you live, your driving history, and how much it would cost to replace your bike, will all affect the cost of motorcycle insurance. And of course, the coverage you choose plays a significant role in premium costs.

Additional Umbrella

Secure additional coverage for your insurance needs. Fill out the form to receive guidance tailored to your specific requirements

Secure additional coverage for your insurance needs. Fill out the form to receive guidance tailored to your specific requirements

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